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Hoping to Join! IGN Talkyn

Discussion in 'Apply to WhoCraft!' started by Talkyn, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Talkyn

    Talkyn New Member Server Member

    Oct 18, 2017
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    IGN: Talkyn
    Discord: Talkyn #6713
    Age: 30
    Location: BC, Canada

    (1) When did you start playing Minecraft and why? Tell us about the person that got you hooked or the gameplay element that inspired you. What brings you back each night?
    My buddy Ian...like...in alpha? He showed me this crappy indy game that you could build cool roller coasters in, and these zombies came out at night. I didn't pay much attention at first, but one day I finally gave it a try. I've been a pretty serious player ever since Beta 1.2 or so. The absolute freedom is the appeal for me; I never do the same thing on a new map!

    (2) Tell us about your favorite block or item, the one you can't live without, and why?
    Why, my perfect custom-enchanted pickaxes of course! Seriously, I can't be caught dead without the best pick I can manage.

    (3) Tell us about your Minecraft style -- What do you like to do in Minecraft? Are you a farmer, a builder, a redstoner, or maybe a jack-of-all-trades? What's your go-to when you first start on a map? Is there anything funny or unique you add to a map that you think most other people don't do?
    I'm a power-gamer at heart, and that means I tend to rush for certain stages in Minecraft before worrying about aesthetics. I've started maps and had diamonds before the first nightfall. That being said, I've put a lot of effort over the last year into playing in a much more relaxed way. I've had some success. Usually, I'll be having fun in a small house, wit h a sensible storage area, but then someone will want to do something huge and awesome, and in order to be able to help, I up my game.

    (4) Tell us all about the coolest thing you've ever done or built in Minecraft by yourself. Then tell us about the coolest thing you ever did with a group.
    The coolest thing I've ever done solo was a 64 stacking-village iron farm. It was next to my witch farm, which was probably the number 2 coolest thing I have built solo. I'm not afraid of taking on large, complex and technical builds when I'm in the mood. The coolest group project...is hard to define, as I've done several. I've helped build large nether-skele farms. I've helped lay out huge sections of roads with bridges and tunnels for a town. I've lead and helped build enderman farms. I've built up a couple of Unarybit's auto food farms, and I've dug out metric tonnes of netherrack for massive hubs, and the tunnels that go with them.

    (5) When you're not playing MC, what other things do you like to do (gaming, television/YouTube, other creative indoor or outdoor hobbies...)? Are there other video games you like to play?
    I'm into the outdoors; hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, backpacking. I also like doing vehicle maintenance, right up to rebuilding my own transmissions (don't try it, seriously it's a huge project). I like learning as a hobby, and fiddle with computer networking, programming, etc. I built Linux from scratch last week. As for other games, I played the heck out of Skyrim, Fallout 3, NV and 4. I absolutely love the Witcher 3. I also play Kerbal Space Program, and fail miserably at roguelikes such as ADOM.

    (6) Tell us a bit about your home life - no need to be too detailed and feel free to let us know if you'd rather keep this private. Do you work or go to school (or both)? Do you have a roommate, spouse, kids, parents (or others) that you live with? What kind of real life responsibilities or obligations do you have?
    I'm a father of three that just isn't going to grow up. I love playing, and I love games. I think we should have more fun in all parts of life, because if we aren't smiling most of the time, what is the point? Despite that, I'm a hard working, and I am known for nigh-obsessive focus when I set my mind to a given task. I've been married for 7 years to my high-school sweetheart, and we just keep getting close and closer to each other. I work a 41 hour workweek, take University courses part-time, try to fit in self-teaching of tech skills, play with my kids, and help around the house. It's chaos! After that, I sleep and/or play games.

    (7) Have you played on other MC servers before?
    Yes, serveral over the years. I've hosted my own twice before as well; one semi-vanilla, and one vanilla.

    (7a) If yes, what was the longest you were ever on a server? How often did you log in? What did you like about it? What did you dislike? Why did you leave?
    Hmm...I played with the same group for over a year. During that time, we had 2 map resets. Of the various other servers that had player toxicity issues, bad administration, or lost all players, that was the only one I actually "left." Why did I leave? Well, I had some mental health issues suddenly rear their ugly head, and I cut off from everything (don't do that). I am still friends with the admin team over there, but they are more into survival games these days.

    (7b) If no, what has kept you from trying out other servers before?

    (8) Why would you like to be on our server? What do you think we have to offer that fits your playstyle?
    Because Jaaberwalkie is here. I mean seriously, what other reason would anyone need? :D Ok, more seriously, it ticks off all the boxes: it's a mature player-base, it's gunna be around a while, it's vanilla, and its "feels" like it's right for me.

    (9) What does 'community' mean to you? What do you think you can contribute to our community?
    Community pretty much means to me what the standard definition says. It means participating, sharing, but also respecting boundaries. I expect to borrow from, lend to, barter with, help, and occasionally prank fellow members, and be pranked in turn.

    (10) How did you find us and what did you see that made you want to apply?
    Referral from Jaaberwalkie.

    (11) Have you ever used Discord before (or something similar, like Skype, Ventrilo, or Teamspeak)? Do you have any issues with joining the WhoCraft Discord? What do you think of being in a chat channel that keeps us all connected daily?
    I am in Discord all the time. I freaking love it! I'm in the WhoCraft server already.

    (12) Is there anything else you want us to know about you?

    You should know that I have stranded Kerbals on distant planets, with no intention of rescuing them. Seriously, the testificates will not be safe if you let me on!

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