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IGN: jamminslap

Discussion in 'Apply to WhoCraft!' started by jamminslap, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. jamminslap

    jamminslap New Member

    Jan 5, 2018
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    IGN: jamminslap
    Discord: jamminslap#2776
    Age: 18
    Location: Louisiana

    (1) When did you start playing Minecraft and why? Tell us about the person that got you hooked or the gameplay element that inspired you. What brings you back each night?

    I started playing Minecraft on a cracked launcher back in 2011, I then got a real account in 2012. I was watching YouTube videos from Antvenom and SkyDoesMinecraft at the time and I loved all the diverse ways the game can be played. I come back to many things, I would have to decide between SkyBlock, Creative, or Survival.

    (2) Tell us about your favorite block or item, the one you can't live without, and why?

    I can't live without redstone. Every time I join a server I like to make my farms automated so I can focus on other things and not have to worry about running out of certain items.

    (3) Tell us about your Minecraft style -- What do you like to do in Minecraft? Are you a farmer, a builder, a redstoner, or maybe a jack-of-all-trades? What's your go-to when you first start on a map? Is there anything funny or unique you add to a map that you think most other people don't do?

    I like to mix all things into one most of the time. I built my auto-farms in a tower so it doesn't seem like a cluttered mess and I like to give it a nice look on the outside when I'm done. My usual go-to would be to start off with a small cabin and make farms on the outside surrounding the back and sides (Never the front). What I do that I don't see many others do is I like to build a large portrait of my face that takes up all the space in a map and I then put the map in an item frame to keep as a self portrait.

    (4) Tell us all about the coolest thing you've ever done or built in Minecraft by yourself. Then tell us about the coolest thing you ever did with a group.

    Alone: I built a factory which produced as many items as I could make it produce.(All over-world crops, All meat types, Iron, Gold, All over-world hostile mob drops, and Stone) All resources would automatically be organized.
    Group: Some friends and I built another factory (different server) with additional potion machines and Blast furnaces (All sorted).

    (5) When you're not playing MC, what other things do you like to do (gaming, television/YouTube, other creative indoor or outdoor hobbies...)? Are there other video games you like to play?

    I like to play other games with people from different discord channels and watch YouTube.

    (6) Tell us a bit about your home life - no need to be too detailed and feel free to let us know if you'd rather keep this private. Do you work or go to school (or both)? Do you have a roommate, spouse, kids, parents (or others) that you live with? What kind of real life responsibilities or obligations do you have?

    I am currently a senior in high-school and I currently live with both parents.

    (7) Have you played on other MC servers before?


    (7a) If yes, what was the longest you were ever on a server? How often did you log in? What did you like about it? What did you dislike? Why did you leave?

    The longest I stayed on a server was 2 years. I would log in every time I could(Almost everyday). I loved the small community, smaller communities make me feel more comfortable and more welcome. I didn't dislike anything about it. The server sadly shutdown due to the owner having to focus on college.

    (7b) If no, what has kept you from trying out other servers before?

    (8) Why would you like to be on our server? What do you think we have to offer that fits your playstyle?

    The size of the community and the way this server allows people to enter if they seem mature.

    (9) What does 'community' mean to you? What do you think you can contribute to our community?

    When I hear the word community I think of people who are active together in any activity and get to know each other in good ways. I think I may be able to contribute some build tips and tricks others may use.

    (10) How did you find us and what did you see that made you want to apply?

    I found this server from a YouTube video that caught my eye:
    The look of the type of community this server has is why I'm applying.

    (11) Have you ever used Discord before (or something similar, like Skype, Ventrilo, or Teamspeak)? Do you have any issues with joining the WhoCraft Discord? What do you think of being in a chat channel that keeps us all connected daily?

    I use discord every day and I have no problem with joining the WhoCraft discord. I feel great about being in a channel with an active community with not too many people.

    (12) Is there anything else you want us to know about you?

    That is all.
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