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IGN: MeowTheCalico

Discussion in 'Apply to WhoCraft!' started by MeowTheCalico, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. MeowTheCalico

    MeowTheCalico New Member

    Dec 4, 2017
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    IGN: MeowTheCalico
    Discord: ~Meow~#4025
    Age: 19
    Location: Tennessee (EST time zone)

    (1) When did you start playing Minecraft and why? Tell us about the person that got you hooked or the gameplay element that inspired you. What brings you back each night? I started playing minecraft whenever i was in high school. a junior so about hmmmmmm i think 2 years ago or so. I started playing on xbox 360 to begin with because my boyfriend at the time wanted to play games with me and that was the only game we had in common. I fell in love with the blocks and the building and just the sandbox part of the game. I could create whatever i wanted to create, but in block form of course.

    (2) Tell us about your favorite block or item, the one you can't live without, and why? I think my favorite block would have to be the prismarine block, not the brick, and/or the sea lantern. i love that specific block because i really like the color teal and the prismarine block gives off that teal color and the sea lantern gives off light with that same kind of color. I also sort of love the redstone lamps, even though i haven't built with them nearly as much.

    (3) Tell us about your Minecraft style -- What do you like to do in Minecraft? Are you a farmer, a builder, a redstoner, or maybe a jack-of-all-trades? What's your go-to when you first start on a map? Is there anything funny or unique you add to a map that you think most other people don't do? Well, i love to build and farm, Jaaber is a witness to what i have created in the modded server she played on with me until the server owner decided to close it. I don't know much about redstone but i'm willing to learn about it. My go-to when i first start on a map, hmmmmm, probably a nice house with decent materials. lol. i don't grind very much but i do when i need to. Um i don't know if i have anything unique that i can add to the game (probably should ask jaaber about this part) she probably would have a better answer to that part.

    (4) Tell us all about the coolest thing you've ever done or built in Minecraft by yourself. Then tell us about the coolest thing you ever did with a group. Well, i was in the process of building a giant underground zoo for the modded server jaaber and i played on, i finished the first room that ended up branching off into different parts of the zoo, but i never got any further than that (jaaber has also seen this; i even asked for her opinion) and i never really built anything with a group or did anything together, mainly just caving and/or exploring the world.

    (5) When you're not playing MC, what other things do you like to do (gaming, television/YouTube, other creative indoor or outdoor hobbies...)? Are there other video games you like to play? OOOOO, i saw this question from afar and squealed. i love playing ark survival evolved; i am actually an admin for the server i play on (new admin though) but i really enjoy playing it. I also play the isle sometimes, the isle is a dino simulator game; you run around and survive as a dinosaur killing for survival plus eating and drinking of course. I love to draw cats (my profile picture is an example) and read sometimes, but thats about it. I don't really have much of a life at the moment.

    (6) Tell us a bit about your home life - no need to be too detailed and feel free to let us know if you'd rather keep this private. Do you work or go to school (or both)? Do you have a roommate, spouse, kids, parents (or others) that you live with? What kind of real life responsibilities or obligations do you have? Well, i graduated from high school in 2016, and i have been living with my father since my junior year. I am not afraid to tell about my life but i rather this not get told to anyone please. I do not work yet, i plan to make my living from streaming games that i love, including minecraft. I do not have any kids or anything like that, i'm currently single and living with my dad. I have to keep the house clean and i cook for dinner a lot of the time.

    (7) Have you played on other MC servers before? I have played on other minecraft servers before, but they were very small servers and ended up shutting down before we really got to anything in the game which sucks.

    (7a) If yes, what was the longest you were ever on a server? How often did you log in? What did you like about it? What did you dislike? Why did you leave? Well, i was on my friend's modded server the longest, mainly because the others closed. Besides my own server which was up for nearly 5 months, but i couldn't pay for the server anymore so i had to shut it down. :( I logged in nearly every other day at the least. I loved that i had the freedom to build what i wanted to and that i didn't have people restricting me to tell me i couldn't build this or that. I didn't really dislike anything about the server, besides the fact that when the owner made me admin for some unknown reason, she ended up throwing all of her stress onto me and i did not enjoy that at all. i did not leave, the server shut down due to unknown reasons.

    (7b) If no, what has kept you from trying out other servers before?

    (8) Why would you like to be on our server? What do you think we have to offer that fits your playstyle? i would like to be on your server because jaaber has made it sound so friendly and loving to all of its members. Also, she invited me on the server after we found out our modded server was shutting down because she knows that was my only server i played on. I dedicate all of my time to one server, i don't like to split my love between different servers. I think you have a lot to offer, i'm not very good at answering this question or the question below this one, but i will try my best. I think you guys give your members the room to do what they want, you don't try to hold them back, and i really like that.

    (9) What does 'community' mean to you? What do you think you can contribute to our community? The community means a lot actually, without a community there really wouldn't be such a friendly part to the server, it would just be people not speaking to each other on the same world, which isn't fun. I have always been that person that gifts things to people even if they don't ask for it. I have also been that person that gathers materials for the builders during their work, so that they can just continue to build, i enjoy the grind of the game.

    (10) How did you find us and what did you see that made you want to apply? i found you guys through jaaber, she always talked about how awesome and nice this server was, and once the modded server we played on went down, i guess she finally decided to invite me to apply.

    (11) Have you ever used Discord before (or something similar, like Skype, Ventrilo, or Teamspeak)? Do you have any issues with joining the WhoCraft Discord? What do you think of being in a chat channel that keeps us all connected daily? i have used discord before. I have also used skype and teamspeak, but i prefer discord out of those. I do not have an issue with the discord, i actually asked jaaber if you guys had a discord because i really enjoy talking to people and interacting with others.

    (12) Is there anything else you want us to know about you? um well. i don't know to be honest. lol. i guess the only thing that i have left to say is MEOW!! lol

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