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New Forums - Q&A

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by SunnyDaze, Dec 11, 2016.

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    Dec 11, 2016
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    Q: Where did all the threads go? Why were the forums down for weeks? Why can't I log in?
    A: Where to even begin... /sigh

    Hopefully, you're checking out this thread because we directed you to the new forums from WhoCraft's Discord channel. Or maybe you're brand-new to WhoCraft and you're just curious. If you're reading this because you are an old server member who has come back looking for your favorite survival server, and you can't seem to log on to the forums, then I'm here to tell you why: The short story is that the databases from the old forum are gone, and they can't be recovered. This means you'll have to register again because we no longer have your account or contact information.
    (We hope you will register again, we miss you.)

    Q: What happened?
    A: We don't know (yes, that's a bad answer). All databases were lost and our old host had no working backups. We have an inkling of what happened and we're taking measures to make sure that all of that good database stuff is backed up properly (and in several places) in the future. (Thanks @SimplyTitan and @WhyteLightnyn)

    Q: What about all the old threads and posts?
    A: We actually have all of that data in a text-based file, every single post dating back to July 2014 when we first moved to Xenforo from phpbb. We may be able to restore those threads but it will take work (no promises)! And we won't be able to link them to accounts because those accounts don't exist anymore.

    Q: What about the Minecraft servers?
    A: Our Survival and Creative worlds are all fine! WhoCraft hasn't gone anywhere, we just lost our main online presence for a hot minute. The forums have now been moved to be hosted on the same hardware as our Minecraft worlds and Overviewer Map. (Thanks @SimplyTitan)

    Q: What exactly does all this mean?
    A: Without the databases, the old site doesn't work. It means we have to rebuild the forums from scratch. Some things will start to feel very familiar. On the bright side, it gives us a chance to do things better -- we're on a much newer version of Xenforo, which has some better features and capabilities. We'll be hard at work repopulating important sticky threads. We'll be grabbing some styles and add-ons, and customising over the next few weeks to make the new forums look and feel amazing. We also think it's the perfect opportunity to do some hardcore recruiting and bring in new faces.

    Q: What can I do to help?
    A: Step 1 - Please register on the new forums! Set up your profile, make a quick post to reintroduce yourself to the community! Step 2 - Hop over to Discord using the link on the main forum (you may have to make a Discord account) and say hi over there as well. Discord is an amazing way to communicate and stay in touch (having it may have just saved our bacon with this whole forum fiasco). Step 3 - Start posting and sharing -- here, there and everywhere. Get on the server and build, and then come on the forums and talk about your build! Plan a project, post a video of a really cool Redstone contraption, or just be friendly. The forums might be empty now, but we know that in time you guys will make it awesome once more.

    WhoCraft is (STILL!) one of the best survival Minecraft communities that mature adult players could ever hope to find. Losing all those old posts and memories -- and all the contact information for old friends -- is about as heartbreaking as losing a world save... but in the grand scheme this is a minor setback and we know that we'll get through it together. Thank you for being here. :)
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