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What is WhoCraft? History & Server Rules

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by SunnyDaze, Feb 4, 2017.

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    Dec 11, 2016
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    WhoCraft is a white-listed Minecraft server owned by MikeJWho.
    • Everyone is 18 years of age or older
    • Survival, Hard Difficulty
    • Whitelist, private IP
    • Almost 5 years online

    We are a small community of Minecraft players who wanted one simple thing: a server to call home -- a place where we could build up an amazing world and have fun, without fear of griefers and thieves, without needing to babysit younger players. We are mature players (in age only), many of us in our late twenties, thirties or older. We are people who have found we mesh well through trial-and-error, and decided we enjoy each others' company.

    The server was started by Mike in October of 2012, known as Vanilla Season 01 these days. After a few short weeks and a quiet start, we jumped on the then-current bandwagon called Feed the Beast. By mid-April of 2013, updates to Vanilla, lack of version updates in FTB, and constant crashing and world corruption sent Mike and many of our core members running back to Vanilla for Season 02-- and sighing with relief at the simple life. We've rebuilt our member list since then. After heartbreaking data-loss, we restarted the map with the launch of v1.7, dubbed Vanilla Season 03.

    Fast-forward to August 2014: we restarted a more permanent map with the release of Minecraft v1.8. We are currently still on this map 3 years later! -- dubbed Vanilla Season 04. We imported a handful of 1.7 builds, which can be found at the Legacy City, as well as the completed Nether Hub built over 9 months in Season 03. We have started a new tradition of Blind Jumps, which make use of the World Border in order to get that new map smell and create new cities. We brought online an Overviewer map of the world for the first time ever (now replaced by Dynmap).

    After waiting over a year for the longest update to Minecraft ever, version 1.9 was released -- quickly followed by the shortest update ever, v1.10! As we come up to October 2016, WhoCraft celebrated its 4th anniversary online. With the popular addition of Discord and a couple amazing admins -- WhoCraft is stronger than ever as a server and a community.

    In February 2017, despite the massive data loss of our previous forums, we still have a tight gaming community and we're looking to rebuild. We've lost contact with some special people, but we have hope that they'll find us again some day, and in the meantime we'll add tons more friends. Vanilla Minecraft is our roots and our passion, but we regularly run events for UHC, limited special rules survival, and Modded MC.

    What does July 2017 have in store for WhoCraft? Blind Jump #3, Minecraft v1.12, Spigot + some minor plug-ins, and WhoCraft's first ever Epic Quest.

    We're Vanilla -- but the line gets fuzzier and fuzzier with every MC update.
    We utilize the following:

    • Command Block Setups:
      • 1-player sleeping for day,
      • Players drop their own heads when killed by other players
      • Dragon drops a dragon head when killed, and rarely elytra!
      • Endermen griefing is disabled
      • Custom villagers with carefully designed trades scattered throughout the landmarks of the WhoCraft Universe
    • Spigot for performance & plugins:
      • DiscordSRV
      • Dynmap
      • SmartSpawn & Disable Enderchest - for Blind Jumps only

    Server Rules
    - All important, in no particular order. Most rules come down to basic etiquette and manners -- i.e. don't be a dick. Since we're all adults we should all know what this means; there is no excuse for childish behavior.

    • Do not ask for the IP in public channels. Do not give out the IP to anyone. Do not show the IP in videos.
    • NO GRIEFING - Griefing is hereby defined as anything intentionally done, that brings frustration, anger or annoyance to any other player, and includes (but is not limited to): killing off penned animals; destroying blocks/buildings/farms/etc; stalking/killing/hunting other players; drastically changing buildings/structures/farms that are the works of others without permission; moving, stealing or "borrowing" items or blocks. Pranks are allowed in good nature, as long as both parties are amicable -- be careful that pranks do not become harassment.
      • If you feel that you are being harassed by another player, in any way that makes you uncomfortable, makes you uneasy about being online at the same time, or makes you want to shy away from the server -- please notify an admin immediately!! Give us a chance to mediate or remedy the situation.
    • COMMUNICATE - Things typically become an issue due to lack of or poor communication. Ask in chat, in signs, or on the forums if you are not sure about something. If you are having trouble communicating with someone grab an admin. PLEASE leave signs with your name on all of your builds, and on anything that needs directions to operate -- this communicates your property and your intent for your contraptions.
    • BE RESPECTFUL - Of what other people build, of their stuff, in public channels. If you have an issue or problem, please don't broadcast it all over the game chat -- use private channels to communicate and get it resolved.
    • CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF - Patch up creeper holes! If you break something on accident (accidents happen), replace it. Don't leave floating trees, replant farms, re-breed animals, etc.
    • No Cheating
    • PvP is ON - but optional! Don't harass players who don't want to PvP
    We are ALWAYS looking for amazing new members - people who fit well with our age group and share our same passion for Minecraft and other gaming on an adult level. Please see our Application section if you're interested!
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