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WhoCraft's Blind Jump #3 - feat. MC v1.12, Spigot & Recruiting

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by SunnyDaze, Jun 24, 2017.

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    Dec 11, 2016
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    Hopefully the title already has you hooked, because this post might get loooong. But we're overdue around here for some excitement and NEW BLOOD. Can you believe our first Blind Jump was TWO years ago?! Me either! :cool:

    WhoCraft's Blind Jump #3
    2-week Event, including a new area, new MC update, and new recruits!!
    Friday, June 30th @ 5PM PDT | 11PM EST | 1AM BST | 2AM CEST
    --> Check out the World Clock for your timezone.
    THEME: Jungle City in the tree tops! Parrot shops on every corner! We've picked a super sweet spot!
    --> Read up on Minecraft v1.12 here.

    Q. What is a Blind Jump?
    A. "Blind Jump" is WhoCraft's alternative to a hard map restart. As a group we shed our shiny epic armor and tools of the day-to-day grind, and we go back to the wood and stone age in a never-before-generated space on our existing map. It's the first dangerous days of a new map, the threat of starvation and mauling by zombies, and the rush of camaraderie that make a restart so much fun. We get all that and more with a Blind Jump. Less destructive -- no loss of era defining builds and world history. More constructive -- we get a brand new collaborative and themed city added to our beautiful world, which we then link up via roads, rails and portals. Some people may come to call the new city home and build a base there after the Jump is over; others may go back to older cities with good memories, and simply leave a second home or outpost.

    Q. What's all this about Spigot?
    A. It's true, by popular vote -- and it's starting to look pretty permanent. We've decided to switch to Spigot to optimize server performance and give us (the admins) tools to better identify performance problems on the sever, and we've decided that now is the time -- because Spigot released their updated version with a MC Pre-Release for the first time ever (read: updates are QUICK). Along with Spigot and a refined config file for our needs, we'll add the following plugins to help make for an exciting Blind Jump:
    • Dynmap - live map (as opposed to Minecraft Overviewer updated every 24 hours)
    • DiscordSRV - Integrated chat between our survival world and a specific Discord channel (yay!)
    • SmartSpawn - [Event only!] Players who show up late can teleport themselves directly to the locker room and prepare to join the event, even if they log on outside the border.
    • Disable Enderchest - [Event only!] By popular demand! :p
    WhoCraft has (almost) always been "Vanilla Survival", we've been about staying true to the simple game, updating when it's time to update...mods and plugins mean headaches and troubleshooting and extra time that we want to spend playing the game.

    Despite being Vanilla, we've always made our own rules where it seemed fair and appropriate. Endermen destroy the world in multiplayer, especially spawn chunks -- so we disabled their behavior with command blocks. Sometimes people are afk at farms and this shouldn't ruin your experience -- so we allow for 1-player sleeping with command blocks. Even though we are not a PvP centric server, we enjoy some sparring every now and then, and it's exciting when you best your opponent -- so we added player heads on player kill. We also add custom villagers with careful thought -- because we don't believe that blocks should be inaccessible or non-renewable if we want to encourage creativity, and villagers are a great way to add more options.

    Vanilla has always worked well for us, and we've made use of the tools within to enhance survival. So Spigot is a big leap and a decision that we don't take lightly. That's why we're spending a whole week testing and tweaking every line of Spigot's configs. Even though Spigot changes a great deal of the code in order to optimize server performance, especially for larger servers, we don't want to blindly take Spigot as is out-of-the-box. We know that Spigot isn't a perfect solution like that and we want to make sure that at the end of the day, the server still feels like Vanilla -- but hopefully runs better. After all, our world isn't getting any younger, or smaller!

    Spigot also gives us the chance to add on some great tools -- integration of Minecraft and Discord's chat, live Dynmap, and to sometimes fix bugs when Mojang still hasn't. For the Blind Jump, we can use a special plugin that let's players teleport themselves to the new spawn area (without Op) so they're not trapped outside the border and we can temporarily disable those pesky ender chests. ;)

    Most importantly, our intent is that Spigot changes almost nothing for our gameplay and experience. You still login the same, and things generally work the way you expect them to work on a Vanilla server. We're working overtime to make sure we get all the kinks out before the Blind Jump.

    WhoCraft is Recruiting!
    We will start posting in all the finest places of the interwebz leading up to Blind Jump #3 -- Minecraft Forums, Reddit, Spigot's Forums -- and we hope to maintain recruiting efforts on a smaller scale for the foreseeable future. We don't want to flood the server, but we want to see some noise and activity and life. We lost contact with a lot of friends from the old forums, it's finally time to rejuvenate.

    Recruiting means there will be newbies, there will be casual interviews in Discord and sometimes questions in chat that we all know the answer to but they don't. We appreciate any assistance -- jump into voice chat and spark conversation, ask questions, and always let us know privately if you're getting good vibes -- or bad ones and why. Be welcoming, be friendly and be helpful.
    Remember, this may be our home, but we want to make newbies feel at home too, and show them why this is one of the best MC communities ever. Some of them might be strong core members in a month. :)
    Be AWESOME (we know you are!).

    That's it from me for this post, I swear. Feel free to ask any questions below!
    MARK YOUR CALENDARS for next weekend!! See you then!

    P.S. If you are able to contact any of our long lost members who have not come back to the server or the forums in a long time -- through Skype or FB or other means -- reach out and contact them! Let them know that we are doing an event, there's a new MC update, and we would love to reconnect. Thanks! <3
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